Facebook and Google Ads: The Internet Fliers Because this, is what we call digital omnipresence

While many of us may have written off Facebook as a lucrative advertising platform, the statistics proved it to be otherwise. A 2019 study indicated a 37% spike in the overall Facebook Ad impressions while contrary to the popular belief, Facebook’s user count continued to grow with 2.45 billion people checking in every month.

Massive and diverse reach

What made it stand apart from the others was its massive and diverse reach. People voluntarily enter their details while creating profiles and that has allowed Facebook to show them targeted ads suited to their age group, profession and interests.

  • It is an especially beneficial channel for small businesses and start-ups who can directly reach an audience that is likely to be interested in their product
  • It has a better lead generation than others for a much lower CPC
  • Facebook Pixel helps in tracking conversion rates thus suggesting ways to boost sales
  • Achieve better scheduling of tasks
  • Improve social media marketing ROI

If you have previously struggled to convert investments into numbers or are venturing into Facebook advertising for the very first time, Refine, a leading Singapore Marketing Agency is the choice to give you guaranteed results. No compromise.


Increase in productivity rate
Also advertising at its peak.

Our approach

Lead Generation

We closely monitor data obtained through Facebook Lead Ads, and having extensively worked with the tool since it launched in 2015 we know just the campaigns required to gain potential user information without the need for a separate landing page.


By analysing impressions, engagement, conversions, costs per result, results rate and other metrics we arrive at a strategy to track recent users who have viewed or interacted with your advertisement and direct them towards your services

Dynamic Product Ads

This is the technique of showing the user those ads which are relevant to either a recent purchase or a search made by them. The constant reminders gently nudge them towards exploring the products you have to offer and possibly become a loyal customer.

Pixel analytics tool

This valuable piece of code when present as a part of webpages tracks all the site visitors and generates operative data regarding the user activity and behaviour which can later be yielded for ad placement and optimisation.

Google ads

The statistics from 2020 have revealed that 73% of the paid search market share belongs to Google amongst which 46% of clicks go to the top three paid ads while 35% of users purchase a product within 5 days of searching for it on Google. Why Google Ads are considered to be a game changer is because,

  1. They have a better audience targeting than SEO
  2. They drastically improve your brand recognition
  3. Businesses can control costs independently
  4. They allow you to measure your performance consistently
  5. Help you to understand the competition better

As a premier Digital Marketing Agency from Singapore our team of consultants are dedicated to developing campaigns that are cost effective, inclusive of keyword research and algorithms, creates conversion optimised ad copies and regularly keeps a tab on how efforts are churning into success.

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    Our approach

    Employing paid search services can be a difficult terrain to navigate. But our data-backed and market sensitive strategies never fail to deliver results. The Google Ad management services offered by us include,

    • Auditing currently used Google Ad procedures by the company and making necessary changes in such tactics
    • Performing analysis of consumers, buying patterns, sales trends, and social trends to especially aid with short term goals
    • Designing customised campaigns

    Blending the technical prowess of David and the unmatched visibility of Goliath is what exactly what we achieve through our tried and tested techniques in Google and Facebook advertising at Refine’s specialised Digital Marketing Singapore. With world class practices, this is where your business will find its perfect partner in growth.
    We are Refine, a Digital Marketing Agency are committed to results and excellence