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Rich Media and banners

Why restrict your ads with jpeg when we can give them a makeover with music, video and more?
Innovation is the cornerstone of a business and it should come as no surprise that a business’s online veneer hasn’t been immune to innovation.

Why Us?

All banners & media are used to convert visitors into leads, but how about making that experience more personal? Refine allows you to show different segments content based on their interest or lifecycle stage. And the result is higher conversions and delighted visitors.

  • Customized & smart content, based on information
  • Creative banners & designs without any code
  • Integrated full marketing toolset, to get more out of each component
  • Visitors & customers have different reasons for coming to your sites. Show them unique based on their interests
  • Developing, organizing, maintaining and publishing, all in one place
  • With Refine, you can test your banners & pages. No need to make decisions on a hunch

Promote everything with more…

Picture ads are a thing of the past. They are neither appealing nor effective. Why bother with a defunct medium when you can advertise with banner ads?

  • An effective digital advertising strategy
  • Capable of displaying GIFs and videos
  • Can be customized to suit all kinds of industries irrespective of size
  • Creates the right image in the mind of potential customers
  • More importantly, banner ads are not restricted to a single or a single set of websites. They can be designed to appear on different kinds of websites based on user behavior

Whether it is about advertising a new product, generating user traffic or getting clicks, our battalion of talented designers specialized in creative banner design will ensure that the ads are optimized and a strong call to action and brilliant images which truly reflect your brand are included.

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