Social Media Marketing: Becoming the People’s Person

Picture this. Your company gains massive brand recognition, becomes a hot topic for online conversations, generates almost an anticipatory excitement around your launches and, has skyrocketing sales.
With over 45% of the global population online and 54% of social browsers using social media to research products, more and more buyers are joining social media networks while looking for reviews and recommendations.

In this era of rapid online growth,

it is imperative that ask yourself,
Are you equipped to seamlessly promote and handle the logistics that come with operating different social media platforms? Are you able to extract the full potential of social media services for implementing your marketing and advertising strategies? Is there a way to bridge these gaps?
The answer is yes. There is a way. When you choose to work with Refine , a Social Media Marketing Singapore agency you choose to find these solutions and many more.

5 reasons to pick Refine as your Social Media Marketing agency

  • Gain our professional expertise.
  • Utilise your resources to the fullest.
  • Have an edge over your competitors with access to advanced marketing software
  • Achieve better scheduling of tasks
  • Improve social media marketing ROI


Increase in productivity rate
Also advertising at its peak.

One-stop solution

Our superior authority in social media management and digital marketing guarantees to fulfil your business objectives by offering our services in:
• Redesigning the aesthetic and layout of your social media profiles
• Creating tailor-made posts that suit your style of content to engage current users as well as attract new followers
• Claiming business name and corresponding URLs on different social media platforms
• Auditing every profile on various channels to identify areas requiring optimisation
• Boosting ad management and revenues
• Assigning dedicated social media account manager
• Analysing competition backed by metrics and statistics
• Monitoring daily engagement and post insights
• Presenting transparent monthly reports assessing activity against your objectives and KPIs and,
• Building networks with fellow businesses and brands

Platforms we work with

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin


With 1.73 billion daily active users and an audience of a majority of Generation X and millennials, Facebook’s ad platform remains the gold standard for social media advertisements, especially for making paid promotions.
From themed ad campaigns to strategic user targeting, our team works relentlessly to get you the most out of this channel.


Twitter is often considered to be a stepping stone for climbing the social media ladder. With 126 million daily active users worldwide, Twitter has become the modern customer relation portal and a trendsetting arena.
Our services include engagement analysis, tracking hashtags and mentions, and managing PPC campaigns.

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    At its core, Instagram is a network centred around visual content. From giving your customers a sneak peek of behind-the-scenes operations to featuring shout-outs of creators using your products, this platform gives wings to your creative genius.
    Considering that 80% of users actively visit business profiles every day, our dedicated team evaluates your presence and insights.


    Essentially the Facebook of the professional world, this platform is extremely beneficial for promoting B2B relationships, business development, and employment marketing. Your LinkedIn profile gives a fair idea about your work ethic and business style hence it is important that this features valuable content and verified contact information.